VLV Debugger.(dos)
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Principle of working a debugger VLV DEBUGGER.(DOS)

When debugger works with Your program, its programming yours body of a code
of your program and executes it in yours body.

All instructions of conditional and unconditional transition are executing
(Mode 'F6-RUN1 and F7-STEP')

Appointment of the debugger.
Use for debugging the compilers.

Because of impossibility of entering a command line brought below happen
to do such complex starting a debug of compiler.

c:\debugger compiler.exe my_file.xxxx

Beginning of work.

1) In file my_file.asm' in the spot of input get up int 3, or my_file.exe
code (INT3 = CC) before this having write rub code in the file 1.dbg.
Debugger modifies a code from the file 1.dbg.

1) 8B F4 83 EE 04....; Before editing my_file.exe
2) CC F4 83 EE 04....; Write instead 8B code CC ( INT 3 ),but

; 8B write in the file 1.dbg

3) 8B F4 83 EE 04....; Debugger will change a code of program in memori
; from the file 1.dbg

When starting your program, If file 1.dbg will not be in the directory
that debugger will insert a code 90H ( NOP ).

Interruption INT 3 to use for starting a debugger only and nevermore is use.
(if you are to change INT 3 accident not will )
Debugging registers also are not used.
You are to use their at own discretion.

INT 3 ;When starting programm will be a code from the file 1.dbg or NOP.

2) Starting a debugger. (VLV_1.COM)
3) my_file.exe.

If from your program occurs a starting other program (AH=4BH,INT 21H),
all above specified operations,and changed byte write in the second
position in the file 1.dbg.

Work with data.
Press( 'C beginning F5-MEM ANSI,ALT+F5 HEX' ) must will be open upper, or
lower window depending on the executable command.
(is include automatic spying data)

Upper window works with instructions CMPSX,MOVSX,STOSX,SCASX, LODSX,and
XLAT,but with lower window only CMPX,MOVSX (only without REP )

Codes of type REP MOVSD are executed at a time!

Essence of work.
In the window is display field data with which works an instruction.
Themselves data stand out a black colour on the green background to
you have distinguish them from surround data.

This is made to was not mistakes when writing in the memory, or reading
from the memory.
Lower window works with upper similarly, as well as with all codes, which
work with the memory.

CMP CS:[BX]+40H,12H
DEC [872D]

At the keystroke 'H' mode of spying is disconnect.Relay-race will be send
green field ,which itself begins to move, selecting data, depending on
their size 1,2,4,8,16.

Function 'F2' breakpoints.
'ALT+F2' removing all breakpoints.
(are executed only software with mode F6-RUN1)

Function 'F3 writes conditional and unconditional transition (if transition
did not work is put by 'NO' ), and olso writes all rest transition in
files from 00.azz before 100.azz on 2000 bytes each.
Works with mode 'F6-RUN1' only.

Function 'F4-INTX'input in the body of interruptions.
Function 'F7-STEP' incremental debug.
Function 'F8-RUN2' performing a program without the debugger.
Function 'F9-CLEAR' clear of monitor.
Function 'F10-QUIT' output.

With the second debugger to work vastly more simply
1) Start its.( It will wait your program in memories.)

2) Start is long-playing program,then press a key 'TAB',will occur an
interception of program.

( If your program has take care of int 9 and hardware
interruptions,interception not will be !)

If you are interested in the development of program,are to
enumerate a small amount of remunerating to the author.

Copyright 1999c root@leonid.kemerovo.su Leonid Vitiazev


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